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So I built the second disc for Quorra in one day. Here is a very brief photographic account of what I did:

So first I need to cut out the solid inner ring from the back of the disc (only one side lights up out of the box).


Now I need to cut out the back of the other side to allow light to shine straight through the other inner ring.

Now I need to make the light diffuser for the back side (something analogous to the blue ring that it comes with). I chose to use a hot-glue molding method. First make a bath of cold water (low-temperature reservoir). Then put scotch tape over the hole that you want to be filled (in this case, the entire inner ring cut-out).

Warm up the hot glue gun to very high temperatures and fill in hot glue from the inside. Since the glue is so hot, it will have low viscosity and fill all the cracks and behave like a single piece (no grain lines).

Since the tape is held at a low temperature, the hot glue cools on contact and does not stick to or melt the tape. This gives a nice flat outside surface and the tape peels right off! Viola!

But now the hot glue is very clear-looking and does not diffuse light well. Take a razor blade and score the outside with very small and shallow cuts that are close together. This diffracts the light and makes it diffuse light much better.

Now just glue in the LEDs and…

Wire it all up!


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