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Alright. Here is the pics from the disc holder. I have the bottom of the 2-liter epoxied down to the back armor. The bolts are already through it and I have epoxied the magnets onto the bolts. The magnets are epoxied at an angle such that they lay flat on the magnets on the disc. The way I did this was to epoxy the magnets on the disc first. Then stick the disc holder magnets onto the disc magnets. Apply epoxy on the bolts and then just gently lay the disc onto the holder and let it cure. Be careful not to epoxy the magnets to each other because they need to come off after the epoxy is cured. This gives much more holding strength.



Next I added an additional safety strap to the holder. This is for when it gets crowded and people tend to bump into you. The disc is held very well by the magnets, but still can pop off. So the strap goes from the middle of the disc holder over the top of the disc and loops over a bolt that I put through the back armor.



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